Our Story

Connect Express started in 2015 with the goal to provide a safe and reliable way to transport goods across our great country. Our founder, a truck driver of multiple years, saw how drivers in this industry were being treated by big companies and decided to make a change. We set out to create a business that treated our drivers, mechanics and office personal as family and friends instead of dollar signs. We have grown exponentially over these past years and continue to do so while still staying true to the core values on which this company was built.

  • Fast & Quick

  • Reliable

  • Professional

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Connectexpress llc is a family owned business and we’ve beed into it 24/7 since it’s foundation. We do care about our customers. We always deliver on time


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Connectexpress llc is always looking for passionate drivers who are willing to explore new areas in US. We deliver all over the United States